Using wp-rocket to speed up your wordpress site

Caching strategy for your website

Caching is one of the key elements of performing software. There are many ways to apply caching in software. But essentially, what caching means is for your servers to remember what calculations they did before. There may be some expensive calculations that may need to happen for a software function to do its job. But if calculated once, with the right caching strategies, it can store and remember that expensive calculation at a much faster speed.

Get blazing fast with WP-Rocket

We have experimented with many WordPress optimization plugins. One plugin that stands out far ahead in the competition that is worth taking presence for this article is WP-Rocket. WP-Rocket comes with a simple configuration that combines, compresses, and optimizes your WordPress pages and provides caching that will increase your page load speed. The change will be very visible since WP-Rocket converts your WordPress page output to static, minimized files that are served to your users’ browsers very fast. Without proper caching, your WordPress page will render every time a user reads your content and your traffic will be directly dependent on your server power. WordPress takes the strain off from your server with intelligent caching that majority of your traffic only incurs static file serving that happens very quickly. Another benefit of using WP-Rocket is that optimizes your traffic responses with better cache headers which can be combined with services like Cloudflare that will accelerate your traffic load served from cache, in most cases not even from your server, but servers at edge network, provided by services like Cloudflare.

Content Delivery Networks

Rocket CDN (by WP-Rocket)

If you’ll go down the road, wp-rocket comes with its CDN offering that is flat-rate priced and provides unlimited bandwidth and edge storage. It will be the easiest integration with wp-rocket to enable this option.

Cloudflare Auto Optimize

Cheap CDN



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